Cute Happy New Year Wishes for Kids 2019

Every kid must know the importance of a new year and they should be getting New Year Wishes for Kids from their parents and from other family members, so that they stay motivated and work hard in the upcoming year too. Every kid has their own fun activities which they tend to do a lot. Write a wish that can make your kid’s fun activities as an inspirational one. It’s quite normal for a kid to be playful and involve more with fun activities other than concentrating on their studies.

You need to inspire them by sending inspirational new year wishes for kids that can carry over your care and affection towards them and about the ways they can lead their life in the near future. Everyone needs an inspiration to learn and work every other day. Boost your kids with these inspirational wishes, as they might need one. With such good wishes sent out to them, they can know how much you value them, and shall follow up good deeds in the upcoming year too.

These wishes can let your kid, remember that you are there for them anytime. Make sure to mention how crazy and playful your kids are while writing out an inspirational new year’s eve wishes for them. Some of the parents tend to let their kids study a lot, and they don’t get enough time to involve in any other fun activities like playing games with their friends. This can be sorted by letting your kid know the ways to bond with their friends and even take a motivational new year resolution that can let them achieve more in their field of interest in the near future. If your kid likes to have more play dolls in their life, then you can add some doll pictures of stickers to the new year wish, which you are about to send to them.

Cute New Year Wishes for Kids 2019


This New Year may you be blessed with courage and confidence to spread your wings and turn each day into an adventure of learning and fun.

This New Year may your bond with your family strengthen and you make new friends and understand how valuable relationships are.

This New Year my wish for you is to give you wings of imagination that spread far and wide to make you think out of the box.

My New Year Wish for the young people is that they never let youth go away from their heart – may their heart revel at the simple wonders that life gifts us.

This New Year, dear child, be messy, sticky and silly – for this means that you are having a ball as you grow in leaps and bounds each day.

We tend to take for granted a numerous treasures that life bestow us with. This New Year, you should learn to get delighted by and be thankful for life’s simple blessings.

This New Year my wish for you is to banish all obstacles as you bloom into a beautiful human being loaded with virtues.

This New Year may your heart always glow with the light of hope, have the courage to follow the path of truth and possess the empathy to hold a hand in need.

May the colors of the New Year fireworks fill up your next 365 days with warmth and color.

May this New Year be as vibrant and lively as you are and bring you many opportunities for celebrations and jubilations.

New Year is just a transition from one part of our life to another – let this journey be filled with the comforts of your home, blessings of your elders, love of your peers and happiness in your heart.

May this New Year be as adorable and cute as you are for a sweetie pie like you deserves all that and much more.

Best New Year Wishes for Children from Parents

Cute New Year Wishes for Kids
New Year Wishes for Kids
  • New is the year, new are the hopes and the aspirations, New is the resolution, new are the spirits and Forever my warm wishes are for u. Have a promising and fulfilling new year.
  • For last years words belong to last years language. And next years words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning. Happy New Year!
  • May this new year bring many opportunities your way to explore every joy of life. May your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm turning all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements.
  • Happiness is too many things these days for anyone lo wish il on anyone lightly. So let’s just wish each other a bileless New Year and leave it at that.


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