2019 Happy New Year Wishes for Beautiful Wife

If there is one soul who has been working tirelessly to make you meet your everyday needs, then it’s your wife. She is the one who has been working hard every other day, and has been handling the family at the same. You need to treat her well and let her know her worth by sending New Year Wishes For Wife. These wishes can sound formal, yet, when you are sending them as a gesture to your wife, she shall feel special and gifted in her life to have you as her husband. All you need to do is to write how beautiful she is and appreciate every other work she has put through to make you and your family members happy, since she got into your life. Write sentences that begin with happy new year to my beautiful wife, so that your wife shall get to know that you admire both her inner and outer beauty. You also need to mention how important her presence is for you and for other family members, so that she shall feel the gratefulness for having you in her life. These small wishes shall be a quick one for you, but your wife shall remember every other word you write for her.

Happy New Year Wishes for Wife
Happy New Year Wishes for Wife


Another year to start and before you get busy handling the chores of the house, looking after the diverse needs, and taking care of everyone, I would like to snuggle up to you, kiss on your forehead and wish you the most wonderful year ahead. Happy New Year, love!

God could not come down on earth and so he has sent a sweet angel like you to take care of me. Make the coming year more beautiful with your angelic ways, my sweetheart.

You have been a constant support and my strength throughout and I know 2019 will only see this support growing and you love exceeding more than the affection you have showered me in the past.

As we enter into another year, there will be a change in the calendar but I know despite change, one thing that will always remain constant is your love for me.Happy new year to my Beautiful Wife

Guide me like the stars when the moon disappears on dark nights and walk with me side by side when others leave my hand. Be there to make my year ahead more beautiful.

New Year Wishes for Wife in Hindi 2019

Make sure to include some of the best memories you both shared in the past, to bring big smiles on your wife’s face. Write some Hindi new year wishes for wife from husband, as the language Hindi has every other word that can kindle up the romance between you both, and let you stay as a happy couple forever. You can even send a new year wish with an apology mentioned, as your wife would not even expected an apology from you. You can write out incidents where you wanted to apologize and you were not able to make it in words. This is the best opportunity to let go of such ego’s and look forward to yet another great year with your wife.

New Year Wishes for Wife in Hindi
New Year Wishes for Wife in Hindi


“Pyaar Ke Rishtey Ko Nibhana Sikh Jao Fursat Mile To Milne Aa Jao Tarsata Hoon Bhut Mai Pyaar Ke Liye Pyaas Meri Bujhane Ab To Aa Jao Tum Apni Mohabbat Ki Dariya Me Kasti Meri Paar Laga Jao Milti Hai Sabhi Ko Sab Kuch Ye To Suna Hai Mil Jao Tum Mujhe Aur In Aankho Ko Thandak Pahucha Jao…!!! Happy New Year 2019

“Kya Kahe Aap Se Kuch Kaha Nahi Jata Bin Aapke Hume Raha Nahi Jata Jin Lakeeron Me Likha Ho Aapka Naam Wo Haanth Mere Muqaddar Ko Mil Jata…!!! Happy New Year 2019

“Aapke Aane Se Khubsurat Saath Mila Hume
Aankho Ko Pyaara Khwaab Mila Hume
Bhar Diya Hai Hamari Zindagi Ko Pyaar Se Itna
Lagta Hai Ki Khuda Ko Pyaar Se Kiya Hua Dua Ka
Inaam Mila Hai Hume…!!!
Happy New Year 2019

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Romantic New Year Wishes for Wife

Romantic New Year Wishes for Wife
Romantic New Year Wishes for Wife

You are the reason for my existence and you are my strength. Before you get busy taking care of everyone around you, I would like to embrace you and adore you and wish you a beautiful 2019. Dear wife, warm wishes on New Year.

4). You came in my life as a blessing. You made it beautiful and meaningful. You gave it purpose and direction. Another year in our life, and I wish that you keep motivating and supporting me with your love. Best 2019 New Year wishes my love.

5). Guide me when there is no Moon, Support me when there is no friend. Hold me when I am lost, Love me like you always have. Wishing a beautiful Happy New Year 2019 to the best wife in the world.

6). My love for you is never going to fade. It will get stronger with time. Warm 2019 New Year wishes to the woman who is my life. Thanks for being there for me always and thanks for brightening my life.Happy New Year to My Beautiful Wife

7). As we enter 2019, I promise that I will be there with you every moment. I promise that I will love you more. I promise that I will make it the best year of your life. Wishing you a beautiful colorful New Year my love. More New Year Wishes for Husband from Wife .

Happy New Year Wishes for Wife for Whatsapp Status

happy new year to my beautiful wife
happy new year to my beautiful wife

With the change in calendar, there will be new changes, new hopes and new dreams but a dream that will remain unchanged since the time I have seen you will be the wish to spend my entire lifetime with you.

Years come and pass but what it takes to make them worthwhile is someone’s unconditional love, wonderful memories and zest offered to live them fully. You have given me all of these and much more in 2017 and I know there will be more to come from you in 2019.

I could never stop feeling blessed as long as I have you in my life and I know the coming ahead will make me feel all the more lucky with your love on my side.

As I step into another beautiful year, I know it holds forth abundant opportunities for me to throw away all the pains that you experience, to wipe out your tears, to give you immense happiness and to leave you with smiles all along. I would want to make 2019 a memorable year for you my love.

Keep me close to your heart always as you are the one I will always need at every moment when I face despair, loneliness and is shrouded with doubt and insecurity. Be there to give me support through the thick and thins of 2019.

New Year Wishes for Wife for Facebook Status

My wife as the New Year is coming so I am very much excited to spend another year of my life just with you. A very Happy New Year to you!


After exactly 365 days a New Year comes and then it passes. Every year is same for us because you are always with me. I prefer you so much and will be with you for my entire life period.

My dear wife no one can take your position in my heart. No doubt that the years are passing but our relation is also getting strong and strong with the passage of time.

My years are more precious than gold because I have you in my life. You are my love and the biggest cause of my happy life.Happy New Year wishes for Boyfriend

Best New Year Wishes Images for Wife

I want you to promise with me that you will not leave me in this New Year too. I know you are also willing this from me. Accept my Happy New Year wishing message right now!

Whenever I see your face, then I can conclude that I don’t need any New Year or anything else because you are enough for my huge satisfaction and relaxation. Happy New Year!

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